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Solutions for Seniors

We help Seniors save money on healthcare costs and offer life insurance designed specifically for their needs.

Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company (UFLIC) has specialized in the Senior market for Medicare Supplement since its inception and Life Insurance since our founding in 1935. Our customer satisfaction is among the highest in the industry. We offer some of the most affordable Life and Medicare Supplement Insurance in the country. ...

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Solutions for Children

In the U.S., nearly 9 million children are treated for injuries in emergency departments every year. Given students spend the majority of their days at school, a large number these injuries are suffered there. Although schools try to maintain safety, accidents happen. In fact, more than 3.5 million children ages 14 and under get hurt annually playing sports or participating in recreational activities. ...

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Solutions for Employers

Healthcare costs are one of the largest single expenditures for employers today, and a Self-Funded Group Health Plan is a viable alternative to regain control of healthcare costs. With a self-funded health plan Employers can achieve savings of 5-15% on costs compared to the cost of coverage of traditional fully-insured plans for the same group of employees. more...

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How can we help?

Our company has an outstanding reputation for prompt and personal service built on a platform of integrity. Helping and assisting individuals, employers, and other insurance companies is part of our culture and a mandate for our staff

Health Tip: When to Bandage a Wound

Knowing how and when to bandage a wound can help speed healing. A wound that can safely be left without a bandage may dry and heal more quickly.

Hands, knees or other areas likely to get dirty or be rubbed by clothing should be bandaged with an adhesive strip or sterile gauze tape and the bandage should be changed daily.

American Academy of Family Physicians

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